Chase United Credit Card

For those who are looking for yet another great addition to their arsenal when it comes to Airline mileage cards, the Chase United Credit Card, or more specifically the United MileagePlus Club Card, seems to be one of the best opportunities available these days. Not only do you get to enjoy the comfort of being able to do your usually banking, you get to add the rewards of the mileage program to that. You would receive a new card for your account that would have the united logo on it. Then you will be able to just go about your usual life and spending practices and let those activities gain points for you that you can use towards ticket purchases with United Airlines. How cool is that? We think that's very cool indeed.

You will be gaining 1.5 miles on your Chase United Credit Card account for every dollar that is charged using your Chase United Credit Card. This will take quite some time to add up to being a whole lot of miles if you just happen to be someone who doesn't do very much spending at all. On the other side though, if you happen to be spend thrifty, you will find that the mileage rewards can add up quickly. There are even more perks that make having the Chase United Credit Card totally worthwhile such as the hotel, resort, and rental car perks. Making any type of business plans would be much better made when you are receiving the perks of presenting your Chase United Credit Card at the time of purchase.


You would not only be able to feel like a celebrity with your new Chase United Credit Card. Because of having the Chase United Credit Card you will also get some extra privileges that will allow for you to get to access some more intimate meet and greets with some celebrities. You will also get the chance to access some cultural events around the world. If you happen to be a world traveler, you will really appreciate that you will be able to use your Chase United Credit Card as you travel the world and not have to worry about having to pay any additional fees for being abroad. Usually if you are travelling abroad with other cards, there can be a lot of additional fees at ATM's and POS transactions that make the cost of world travel much higher than necessary. The Chase United Credit Card takes paying extra fees around the world out of the picture.

The Chase United Credit Card really does cater to people no matter what level of traveler they are. Whether you are someone who travels every month or every few months you would be glad to have the many perks that come with having the Chase United Credit Card. The type of person who will benefit the most from having the Chase United Credit Card however is the constant traveler. The constant traveler will be more likely to take the most advantage of all the perks that are made available by the Chase United Credit Card. To be taken the most advantage of is what the Chase United Credit Card is really there to be anyway, right?